International Brownie Uniform Illustrations

Dearest blog reader(s),

I’d like to ask a big favour. I’ve been messing around with my beloved Bamboo graphics tablet and I’ve come up with an idea. Do you remember the charts and paper dolls of our childhood which showed the Brownie uniforms from around the world? Well, I was thinking of coming up with a modern version as a free resource for Guiders. I’ve had a try with the French WAGGGS associations and the result is in the pdf below. If you could please take a look and tell me what you think?

French Brownie Uniforms

My idea is to create a number of pages for various countries that could be used on their own, as a group in a booklet or even just letting you use individual illustrations to decorate your own resources.  I was just planning on just illustrating Brownies at the moment as I feel that Guides might prefer looking at photos.  I’ll probably do some East Asian Countries next then some Central/Southern Africa rotating geographical regions to stave off boredom- if anyone would find them useful?

If you know any fellow Guiders who might this of interest, please feel free to pass it along. If the response is positive, I’ll publish perhaps the first 4-5 sets here in a few weeks. If you think it’s a dreadful idea, please also let me know so I can use my IT time for something less constructive :)

Many thanks- Lorna x.

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2 thoughts on “International Brownie Uniform Illustrations

  1. Thanks very much, Nicola for looking and getting back to me so quickly! Much appreciated
    Lovely comments always welcomed :) (but if anyone out there doesn’t like it- do let me know and why)

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